Tuesday, May 11

Al-Jaafari.. Syria is committed to cooperating with (OPCW) to permanently close the file and remove it from the circle of political manipulation and media misleading

New York, Syria’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, reiterated that Syria has not and will not use chemical weapons and does not basically possess them and is committed to cooperating with Chemical Weapons Convention and its technical secretariat to settle all outstanding issues in order to permanently close this file and remove it from the circle of political manipulation and media misleading.

Al-Jaafari said in a statement at a session of the Security Council on Friday via video that Syria has managed, despite the difficult circumstances it went through years ago, and despite the grave challenges posed by terrorist organizations and terrorists beyond borders and their operators, to cooperate with the United Nations and (CWC) to fulfill its obligations resulting from its accession to the Chemical Weapons Convention in 2013, indicating that this cooperation resulted in the elimination of all Syria’s stockpiles and the destruction of the relevant production facilities, which was confirmed by the Head of the Joint Mission to Eliminate Chemical Weapons in Syria Sigrid Kaag in her briefing to the Security Council in June 2014 as confirmed by documents issued by the Technical Secretariat of the Prohibition Organization, the last of which is the 85th monthly report of the Director General issued on 26/10/2020.

Al-Jaafari pointed out that despite these facts and witnesses of their representatives the destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria on board an American ship and other ships belonging to European countries, some member states adhered to their hostile positions towards Syria and sought to increase escalation and political pressure and launched unilateral and tripartite acts of aggression that preceded any efforts to verify facts.

Al-Jaafari said that While Syria expresses its deep appreciation for the positions of the member states that adhere to the principles of international law and the provisions of the Charter and that share the condemnation of the use of chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction at any time, place and under any circumstances, its position with these countries simply focuses on the need to move away from the politicization of these important issues and preserving the technicality, credibility and professionalism of the (OPCW).


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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