Thursday, February 25

Al-jaish football team tops Syrian Premier league

Damascus, Al-Jaish football team topped the Syrian premier league after beating al-Ettihad 3-0 in a match that was held at al-Hamdaniya stadium in Aleppo, raising its points to 33.

Meanwhile, Tishreen team wasted the opportunity to keep the lead after losing to Hiteen 0-1,  to retreat to the third place.

Al-Wahda beat al-Hurriya 1-0 in a game that was held at Al-Fayha Stadium in Damascus.

Al-Karama also beat Hirjelah 2-1 in a match that has held  at Tishreen Stadium in Damascus.

Meanwhile, Jableh and Al-Tali’a tied 1-0 in the match that took place at al-Baath Stadium in Jableh. Al-Wathba and Al-Sahel 0-0.

In light of the results, al-jaish led the league with 33 points, followed by Al-Karama with 31 points, Tishreen in the third place with 30 points, Hiteen with 29 points and  al-Wahda in the 5th place 27 points.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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