Sunday, August 1

Al-Khalisi: The government should establish security and justice in the country, not seek to please the US Embassy

BAGHDAD, The religious Authority Mohammed Mahdi Al-Khalisi warned that the current government should not be considered from the ruler who relied on America and should not seek to please the US Embassy, like its predecessors, and it should take care of the nation's plight and the suffering of the people.

"The establishment of security and justice is the basis of the legitimacy of any government," Al-Khalisi said in his Friday sermon.

"The killing of the Saudi journalist is a lesson to all the rulers in the region, it is the beginning of the end of Al Saud and the Trump," Khalisi said. "What happened is a warning message to all the media, the rulers and the bad scientists who applaud the sultans of injustice."

He added that "the duty of the scientist of religion is to state the provisions of God and the impact of events in the region and call on the rulers to spend money to serve the Muslims not to kill them."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency