Saturday, August 20

Al-Madinah Municipality: Establishing and Operating New Platforms for Charging Electric Cars in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah

Madinah, The Municipality of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah region has signed an investment contract to establish and operate 12 charging platforms for electric cars in the (first phase) with Al-Sharif Holding Group, in a number of vital sites and axial roads in Al-Madinah.

The contract was signed by the secretariat, the Mayor of the region, Eng. Fahd bin Muhammad Al-Balishi, and by the Sharif X Company for Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions, one of the group's companies, CEO Dr. Ahmed Sindi.

This step is among the initiatives in support of the Municipality's plans to expand to establish more electric charging stations and create power supply platforms for electric car owners, which would enable them to charge their car easily and conveniently, which encourages consumers to use this type of car, as well as support environmental sustainability programs and assistance To preserve it by supporting the trend towards benefiting from environmentally friendly technologies and confirming commitment to policies that contribute to reducing carbon emissions in line with the goals of transformation programs and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in conjunction with pushing national efforts to localize the electric car industry in the Kingdom.

The service, through the new charging platforms, is expected to provide advanced levels of operational mode through fast and medium charging devices (AC-DC) through power supply sockets with a power ranging from (22-200) kilowatts, in a model that conforms to the approved specifications and standards, in addition to building Distinctive models of freight pallets with a visual identity in line with the directions of the Municipality in improving the urban landscape at the level of Al-Madinah.

This project comes within the list of projects and investment opportunities that the Municipality intends to offer to the private sector in light of the continuous endeavor to launch new activities in the local market, and to enable companies and businessmen to seize new opportunities that contribute to advancing the development and economic diversification system, in addition to attracting new projects that achieve a positive impact to the residents of the region in various environmental, economic and social aspects in light of the trend towards environmentally friendly industries and the push for the development of industries related to this type of clean energy cars at the national level.

Source: Saudi Press Agency