Thursday, May 13

Al-Mald Historical Mosque in Baha is One of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s Development Projects

Baha, Al-Mald Mosque, one of the oldest historic buildings (1364 AH) in Al-Mald Heritage Village, south Baha region, has received the attention of Mohammed bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The village was built on hills overlooking Al-Mald Valley, with two adjacent fortresses that form a distinctive architectural form.

Besides being a place of praying and worshiping, the mosque was a cultural and scientific beacon for the people of the village, where many lessons and lectures were held. The village's people used to learn the writing and the Holy Qur'an at Al-Mald Mosque.

The mosque, which accommodates about 34 worshipers and its total area is 90 square meters, played a prominent social role for the residents with regard to discussing their daily affairs and solving their problems and disputes.

The prayers are now performed in the mosque, which is located 3 km south of Baha city on the road leading to Baljurashi governorate. It is distinguished by its construction in the Sarat style consisting of irregular stones, while its roof is made of juniper tree trunks.

The mosque consists of a prayer place, an open yard called "Al-Sih", toilets and places for ablution.

Source: Saudi Press Agency