Thursday, February 25

Al-Nujaifi: During the next two days we will resolve our position with the largest bloc

BAGHDAD, Vice President Osama Abdul Aziz Al-Nujaifi confirmed, that in the next two days the / National Axis Alliance / will resolve with the largest bloc according to the negotiating data.

Al-Nujaifi said during his meeting with Fateh Yildiz, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey in Iraq, according to a statement by his office, that "the National Axis Alliance stands at one distance from all parties, indicating that the coalition has a national political program we negotiate with the parties and during the next two days we will resolve our position with the largest bloc according to data of negotiations ".

During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations between the two countries and areas of their development in order to strengthen the bonds of strong relationship between Iraq and neighboring Turkey. Al-Nujaifi stressed the depth of the strategic relationship between our two countries and our peoples, and be at the highest levels and in all fields.

For his part, the Ambassador presented a detailed explanation of his visit to Kirkuk province and his meeting with the governor and his meetings with all the components of Kirkuk and to inform him of the situation and problems facing them and the right ways to resolve and overcome them to serve the peace and social security of all components of Kirkuk and live in peace.

The Ambassador expressed Turkey's readiness to cooperate with Iraq in various fields and its keenness to develop ties of friendship, stressing the Turkish government's full support in this matter.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency