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ALECSO Director: Islamic Arts Biennale Is Extension of Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Movement

Tunis — Director-General of the Arab Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), Dr. Mohamed Ould Amar has stressed the importance of the cultural movement led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the level of the Arab world, and its deep-rooted culture in the depths of history, praising Diriyah Biennale Foundation’s announcement of the first session of the first Islamic Arts Biennale in The World, which will be hosted by Jeddah from January 23 to April 23, 2023, which is an extension of the Saudi cultural movement in the world.

He further said in a press statement that Arab culture has been able to build historical bridges with peoples around the world, and Muslim artists have succeeded in placing an immortal artistic impression for more than 14 centuries, pointing out that the Kingdom’s step in establishing the first Islamic Arts Biennale in the world comes in the right time and place, since it was from its land that the Islamic culture emerged to roam the world in light, knowledge and science.

Dr. Mohamed Amar also explained that ALESCO’s member states have made contributions throughout history to Islamic arts and Muslim artists were able to express their cultures in advanced and innovative ways, until they put an immortal impression on them in the “sky” of human arts.

The ALESCO Director-General praised the first edition of Diriyah Biennale for Contemporary Art, which had concluded its activities last March, after more than 60 artists from around the world participated in it.

At the conclusion of his statement, Dr. Mohamed Amar stressed that such steps mainly contribute to the promotion of arts and culture in the local, regional and global popular presence, citing their importance in building bridges of communication with the world and promoting dialogue and exchange of ideas between humanity.

Source: Saudi Press Agency