Sunday, August 1

Ambassador Ala: allegations of some states about keenness on human rights in Syria lack credibility

Geneva, Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations in Geneva, Ambassador Hussam al-Din Ala, said that allegations of some member states at the Human Rights’ Council about their keenness on human rights in Syria lack credibility as they continue to ignore the catastrophic effects of unilateral coercive measures and the water war waged by Erdogan’s regime against one million citizen in Hasaka, in addition to the thievery of Syrian resources by the US occupation and its separatist militias.

In a statement before the 74th session of the Human Rights’ Council about the fourth item of the situation of human rights in Syria, Ala said Syria refuses holding sessions and passing resolutions based on proposals of some countries that aim, through deception and lies, to justify policies of intervention and acts of military and economic aggression against Syria which caused enormous suffering to the Syrian people and formed a direct reason for the migration of Syrians abroad and their displacement inside the country.

Ambassador Alaa added that the allegations of some sides at the Human Rights’ Council about keenness for the humanitarian situation and human rights in Syria lack credibility with the continuation of ignoring the catastrophic effects of unilateral coercive measures that directly violate the basic rights of the Syrian people, impede the work of humanitarian agencies and ignore the US and separatist militias’ acts of looting wheat and oil, depriving the Syrian people from their economic resources, ignoring the water war waged by Erdogan’s regime and depriving a million citizens in Hasaka from drinking water.

He affirmed Syria’s commitment to facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid from inside the Syrian territory in cooperation with the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross in accordance with the principles regulating the work of humanitarian agencies, away from the selectivity and political provisions circulated by advocates of extending the mechanism for the entry of aid across borders, which violates Syria’s sovereignty and lacks transparency.

Ala added that Syria continues to take the necessary measures to facilitate the return of its citizens to their homeland.

He pointed out to the issuance of a presidential decree on a general amnesty for crimes committed before May 2nd, 2021 and the release of dozens of detainees in Daraa and Damascus countryside after settling their status.

Ambassador Ala clarified that the election of President Bashar al-Assad and obtaining a majority of 95.1 percent out of the votes inside and abroad in the election in which the participation exceeded 78 % affirm the Syrians’ adherence to the sovereignty of their country and their independent decision to make their future without any external interference.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency