Tuesday, January 26

An accused person of terrorism arrested, the discovery of various bombs and weapons and the destruction of terrorist caches in Kirkuk

BAGHDAD, The federal police units within the Kirkuk operations arrested an accused man of terrorism cases and found a variety of bombs and weapons.

The Spokesman of the Center for Security Information Brigadier Yehia Rasool said that "the federal police units within the Kirkuk operations began to search the areas and villages of (Tal Al-Shaer _ Codeleh _ Bir Mehidi _ Qoah _ Mohsen Awi _ Koton I _ Koton II _ Kani Kublan mountain range _ plaster factory _ Tel Tu'im _ Dawood Al-Alouka _ Ali), which resulted in the lifting of 24 explosive devices and the detonation of two explosive devices under control and the arrest of a wanted defendant in accordance with Article 4/1 of terrorism, "and found 7 Kalashnikov rifles and two stores and 345 bullets, and the destruction of 3 caches to Daesh terrorist gangs, and an old homemade rocket in the form of a bomb. ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency