Saturday, May 8

An International Gathering Reads Future of Artificial Intelligence in Neuroscience

Abha, The sessions of the First International Conference on Technology in Neuroscience, sponsored by Prince Turki bin Talal, Governor of Asir region, continue their work through visual communication, seeking to be an important tributary in serving the health sector in the Kingdom by transferring international experiences and benefiting from the experiences and knowledge of 36 researchers and speakers from Saudi Arabia and America. And Italy, Britain, Switzerland, Russia and the Emirates, and support government efforts in artificial intelligence in the medical field.
The three-day sessions will deal with new technology in neurology, brain stimulation, neurotherapy, brain surgery, rehabilitation and remote monitoring, in addition to neurophysiology and spine surgery, with a specialist dealing with neuroscience in the era of Corona.
Princess Nujoud bint Hathloul bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Supreme Supervisory Committee of the conference, said that the international participation contributed to the transfer of experiences and knowledge among many international, regional and local experts who are pioneering in the field of neuroscience to establish solid foundations for scientific research through several important discussions, with the aim of gathering experts in this field from all over The world to present a pioneering model in neuroscience in the Kingdom’s hospitals through the transfer of expertise and the strengthening of global cooperation to overcome all obstacles that prevent access to prevention, care and service provision, adding that the conference will address in 45 scientific sessions, multiple seminars and workshops, a number of main topics, the most important of which is new technology, physiology. Neurology through EEG in epilepsy, cognitive neurophysiology, rehabilitation technology and the latest artificial intelligence interventions in the brain.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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