Sunday, January 17

An Official Of Detachment To Transport Daesh Militants And 3 Of His Aides Arrested Northeast of Baquba

Diyala, The Diyala police command announced the arrest of an official of the transport detachment of Daesh militants and three of his aides in a surprise operation northeast of Baquba.

"A security intelligence and counterterrorism team carried out a surprise operation near Hamrin, northeast of Baquba, which resulted in the arrest of the official of transporting detachment of Daesh militants, who a former official of al-Hesba (Daesh police) in Hawija, and three of his aides," Major General Faisal al-Abadi told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA).. "

He stressedthat: "The security forces are continuing to carry out qualitative operations to eliminate the cells of Daesh that are active in some areas of Diyala."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency