Friday, August 19

Aoun: Priority of preserving constitution, law at core of President’s role

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, said on Friday that preserving the Lebanese constitution and law was at the heart of the presidential role, especially due to the fact that both factors established the real basis through which authority exercised its role.

"Wherever the law and constitution are not respected, chaos and revolutions prevail," the President said.

Aoun's words came during a meeting at Baabda Palace with President of the Arab League of Harvard Law School graduates, lawyer Karim Kobeissi, who visited him in the company of graduates and a number of lawyers participating in a seminar organized by the league in Beirut today and tomorrow.

President Aoun welcomed his visitors and expressed joy to meet with "a delegation of elite lawyers who have graduated from one of the world's most prestigious universities."

"You are keen on preserving the Lebanese society and on contributing to its development through preserving and updating laws," Aoun told his visitors.

"Granting each individual his/her rights is at the core of your message, which contributes to peacemaking and reducing differences and conflicts. Continue your message in the world," Aoun added.

On the other hand, the President had an audience with Lebanese Central Bank Governor, Riad Salameh.

Talks between the pair reportedly touched on the atmosphere that accompanied CEDRE conference that was held in Paris last week.

Both men broached the effect of CEDRE on the Lebanese financial markets, especially in terms of providing external financing for a number of projects whilst simultaneously strengthening confidence in Lebanon.

Salameh also briefed the President on the "stability of the monetary situation in Lebanon," pointing out that the Central Bank is cooperating in the context of following-up on the outcome of CEDRE.

"Projects approved during the conference will bring about economic growth and boost activity in Lebanese banks," Salameh added.

Aoun later welcomed at Baabda Palace Lebanese candidate for the post of regional director at the World Health Organization in the Middle East, Dr. Rana El-Hajja, who thanked the president for the Lebanese state's decision to nominate her for this post.

President Aoun wished Dr. El-Hajja success, lauding her scientific and administrative competence and success in the tasks that she has undertaken for years.

Source: National News Agency