Tuesday, July 5

Arab League Calls on International Community to Take Action against Israeli Aggressions in Occupied Jerusalem

Cairo,The Arab League has issued a statement calling on the international community to act against the illegal Israeli policies and measures in occupied Jerusalem.

This came in a statement issued during an emergency meeting of the Arab Ministerial Committee in charge, which was held last Thursday in Amman, sending a message of protest to the international community and an awakening of the human conscience.

The Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Media and Communications Sector of the League of Arab States, Ambassador Ahmed Rashid Khattabi, said yesterday that the Israeli escalation in occupied Jerusalem threatens to plunge the region into a cycle of violence, calling on the Security Council to assume its responsibilities in face of the reckless Israeli actions against the freedom to practice religious rites, which is guaranteed by international conventions as a fundamental human right.

Source: Saudi Press Agency