Tuesday, April 13

Arab Youths Council denounces terrorist Houthi attacks on Saudi territories

Cairo, The Arab Youths Council for Integrated Development denounced the cowardly subversive attacks by the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia targeting an oil reservoir at Ras Tanura port in the Eastern Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as Dhahran-based Aramco company facilities, using an unmanned drone but successfully intercepted by the Saudi defense forces.
In a statement here today, the President of Arab Youths Council for Integrated Development Dr. Mushira Abu Ghali said that any attack on the sovereignty, security and stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia targeting civilians and the innocents is considered a blatant violation of the international law that embargoes attacking civilians.
She urged the world community to take decisive and deterrent position to put an end to such aggression that targets, not only Saudi Arabia, but also the world economy.
Abu Ghali paid tribute to the Saudi defences which have efficiently foiled the attempts.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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