Tuesday, June 22

Arslan tackles with Russian Defense Ministry officials file of Suwayda abductees: Cooperation with Syria national necessity

The media directorate of the Lebanese Democratic Party announced in a statement issued this Friday that Head of the party, MP Talal Arslan, within the framework of his meetings at the Russian Foreign and Defense Ministries, has convened today with the Director of International Administration and Communication, General Eileen Yevgeny Borovich, in the presence of a number of senior officials from the Ministry of Defense, as well as the accompanying Lebanese delegation.

Discussions touched on "field developments in the region, especially those in Syria, with focus on the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and the need to secure their return to their country," as per the statement.

The Russian minister welcomed Arslan and considered this visit to be of particular importance to us, especially as you are the first Lebanese Minister to visit the Ministry of Defense."

"We emphasize the importance of cooperation and coordination between the Lebanese and the Syrian States for securing the return of displaced Syrians," he said.

General Borovich provided a detailed explanation of the field developments in Syria in general and in the Jabal Al-Arab region in particular. He relayed to Arslan the Russian "interest and coordination with the Syrian State to return the kidnapped women and children of Suwayda, and find appropriate means to resolve this issue."

In turn, Arslan thanked General Borovich for his "interest in the return of Suwayda's abductees," highlighting "the great role played by the Russian army in cooperation and coordination with the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Arab Army to protect the unity and independence of Syria and fight terrorists and Takfiris."

He thanked him for the attention given to "the need for the return of displaced Syrians from Lebanon to their villages and towns in Syria."

Arslan also underscored "joint cooperation between the Lebanese and Syrian States to finalize this dossier, hence lift the heavy burden weighing on Lebanon as a result of this displacement."

"Cooperation with Syria is a Lebanese national necessity. There can only be joint cooperation between Syria and Lebanon in various fields, especially in the file of displaced people's return, and the export of Lebanese products across Syrian territory, as well as the fight against terrorists and takfiris who not only threaten Syrian and Lebanese security, but national security as a whole."

The MP finally praised "the wise, firm and clear policy of His Excellency President Vladimir Putin and his distinguished administration to achieve world peace and fight against Takfiri terrorism in all its aspects, and those who stand behind it on the regional and international levels," stressing that "with the balance imposed by President Putin on the world, Russian thus became the protector of the world's weakest and vulnerable peoples.

Source: National News Agency