Sunday, May 16

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Mortar shells, improvised explosive devices and projectiles seized in northern Mosul and Al-Khalidiyah Island in Al-Anbar

BAGHDAD, The Security forces seized a cache of mortar shells, improvised explosive devices and projectiles north of Mosul and in the island of Khalidiyah in Anbar."The military intelligence detachments in the 20th division and with accurate intelligence information managed to seize a cache including / 50/ 120 mm mortar rounds, 3 improvised explosive devices and projectiles from the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs in the Badush district northern Mosul," the Spokesman of the Security Information Center Brigadier Yehia Rasool said in a statement."The military intelligence detachments of the 10th Brigade managed to seize an explosive belt, two explosive devices and mobile devices for exploding bombs on the Island of Khalidiyah in Anbar," he said./EndSource: National Iraqi News Agency

Saudi Arabia settles its share in the Palestinian authority’s February and March 2018 budget

Cairo, Saudi Arabia's permanent diplomatic mission accredited to Cairo-based Arab League (AL) confirmed today that the Saudi Development Fund has transferred to the account of the Palestinian authority finance ministry an equivalent to $40 million worth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's contribution to the Palestinian authority's budget for February and March 2018, equally.In a statement, the Saudi embassy said the Saudi permanent delegation to the AL confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to support the Palestinian cause at all political, economic and humanitarian levels.Source: Saudi Press Agency

Yemeni Army Removes 300,000 Houthi Mines in Two Years

Aden, The National Center for Combatting Mine-Planting disclosed that the Yemeni army has removed 300,000 mines planted by the Houthi militias in the liberated areas.In a press statement, Ameen Al-Aqaili, head of the center, affirmed that Yemen was exposed to the biggest mine-planting operation since the second world war, adding that the Iran-backed Houthi militias planted more than 500,000 mines in different areas in Yemen.He stressed that this huge quantity represents a sustainable danger threatening innocent people.Source: Saudi Press Agency

UK Condemns Terrorist Attack in Afghan Capital

London, UK Minister of State for Asia and Pacific Mark Field strongly condemned the terrorist attack that has taken place in the Afghan capital Kabul at a voter registration center, killing a number of people, it was reported here today.In an official statement, Field expressed ondolences to the families of the victims and the injured of the attack which happened yesterday, stressing his country's stand with the government and people of Afghanistan to confront and defeat terrorism.Source: Saudi Press Agency

Arab Meeting Discusses Israel’s Candidacy to a Non-Permanent Seat in Security Council

Cairo, The Arab Committee to address the Israeli candidacy for a non-permanent seat in the Security Council for 2019-2020 held a meeting today at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo at the level of permanent delegates headed by delegate of Iraq Habib Al-Sadr and Assistant Secretary General for Palestine and Occupied Arab Territories Affairs of the Arab League Ambassador Said Abu Ali.During the meeting, Abu Ali added that the Committee hailed the firm position the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has adopted in support of the Palestinian cause as the central issue of the Arab League, citing the Arab Summit hosted by the Kingdom under the name "Al-Quds Summit", and pointing out that this action would serve the objectives of the committee and support its movements.Source: Saudi Press Agency