Sunday, August 1

Belarusian Ambassador in Damascus: Syrians voted for their future and lives

Damascus, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Damascus, Yuri Sluka, said that the Syrians voted during the recent presidential election for their future, lives, and their desire to live in peace and prosperity, renewing his country’s support for Syria, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.

In an interview with SANA on the occasion of his country’s national day, which coincides with the day of the liberation from Nazism on July 3rd, Sluka congratulated the Syrians on the success of the election and electing whom represents them, pointing out that he accompanied the electoral process along with a delegation of Belarusian parliamentarians.

Sluka affirmed his country’s continued support for Syria at international forums and its firm stance in rejection of the blockade, pressures and sanctions that affect peoples, pointing out that only Syrians have the right to determine their future and their way of living, and that no one has the right to occupy lands in Syria.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency