Sunday, October 24

Berri at the ‘Islamic Rissala’ Scout Conference: No return of sedition to Lebanon, Israel cannot attack us, and dares not!

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, stressed Sunday that "there will be no return of any Christian-Christian strife or Islamic-Islamic sedition in Lebanon," adding, "Let no one harbor such thoughts, for this is totally out of question!"

Berri's words came during the 16th Conference of the "Islamic Rissala" Scout Association which was held in Ain El-Teeneh this afternoon.

Touching on the government formation issue, Berri deemed that "the test of any government is not in its composition but rather in its harmony, and not only in the presentation of its ministerial statement..."

"The real test is in the decisions it will adopt during the first hundred days of its mandate and the extent of its response to the implementation of reform laws," he added.

On the conflict with the Israeli enemy, Berri said, "For the first time in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and through the resistance, our people and our national unity, there is a deterrent force against Israel. Therefore, Israel cannot strike Lebanon nor does it dare to do so!"

"The real threat is the economic condition prevailing in Lebanon, and if the status quo persists, the situation would be even more dangerous," warned the House Speaker.

Source: National News Agency