Wednesday, June 23

Bou Assi: LF entitled to demand sovereign ministerial portfolio

Caretaker Social Affairs Minister, Pierre Bou Assi, stressed that the Lebanese Forces (LF) was not the impediment hindering the formation of the new government, saying "the LF has the right to demand a sovereign ministerial portfolio."

Minister Bou Assi's fresh words came in a televised interview, where he brought to attention that the LF has reaped during the recent legislative elections 15 deputies under "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc.

"This should be translated through balanced ministerial portfolios," Bou Asso maintained, indicating that parliamentary seats are not owned by parties but rather by the people who have voted for their elected deputies.

Bou Assi called for the formation of a government that would swiftly work towards addressing the simmering socio-economic situation.

The Minister also underlined the LF keenness on the work of state institutions.

Source: National News Agency