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Saudi Teen Safe in Thailand, For Now

BANGKOK, The father and brother of a Saudi teenager who was detained in Bangkok after fleeing a family she claims will kill her are, according to police, due to arrive in Thailand imminently, where she is not being deported home as initially feared.Rahaf Mohammed Mutlaq Al-Qunun will instead have a chance to make her asylum case to the United Nations refugee agency.Qunun first gained international attention when she barricaded herself in a hotel at Suvarnabhumi airport after reportedly arriving in Thailand enroute to seek asylum in Australia.But she has said Saudi officials tried to trick her and surrounded the hotel room she had barricaded herself in, planning to force her back home, where she believes her family would try to kill her."Please I need u all. I'm shouting out for help of hum...

Miami International Holdings, Inc. Reports 2018 Trading Results for MIAX Exchange Group; New Market Share and Volume Records Set as MIAX Options and MIAX PEARL Both Exceed 200 Million Contracts Executed

General, Press Release
PRINCETON, New Jersey, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Miami International Holdings, Inc. today reported the 2018 trading activity for its two fully electronic options exchanges – MIAX Options® and MIAX PEARL™ (together, the MIAX Exchange Group™), with MIAX PEARL and the MIAX Exchange Group setting new market share and volume records over the course of the year. Trading Volume for MIAX Options and MIAX PEARL, Current Month Year Ended Total Options Contracts Dec-18 Dec-17 % Chg Nov-18 % Chg Dec-18 Dec-17 % Chg Trading Days 19 20 21 251 251 U.S. Equity Options Industry 376,883,978 295,021,139 27.7% 383,838,299 -1.8% 4,572,482,342 3,689,013,636 23.9% MIAX Exchange Group 36,720,823 19,065,271 92.6% 35,517,539 3.4% 421,320,501 232,223,967 81.4% MIAX Options 14,935,763 12,41

Tueni visits Alimazian, relays President Aoun’s greetings on occasion of Armenian Christmas

Caretaker State Minister for Combating Corruption, Nicola Tueni, visited Monday the Archbishop of the Armenian Orthodox Church in Lebanon, Narik Alimazian, relaying President Michel Aoun's sincere greetings and well-wishes to the Armenian Orthodox community on the occasion of Christmas.In turn, Alimazian expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the President's concern and care for the Armenian community in Lebanon.Source: National News Agency

MP for the State of Law: Reform of the political system coupled with constitutional amendment

BAGHDAD, MP for the State of Law Coalition, Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani stressed that reforming the political system is inevitable.""Reforming the political system requires political consensus, because it is accompanied by a constitutional amendment, otherwise, we will be stuck in a patchwork process, after we have given up the largest bloc and the government of the political majority," al-Sudani said in a tweet on Twitter for social networking. ".Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Dollar cycle may be about to turn, supporting oil prices

London, The U.S. dollar has recently appreciated to its highest level in real terms since the start of 2017 and before that September 2003.Dollar appreciation weighed on oil prices in 2018 as prices in some non-dollar currencies hit record levels earlier in the year and dampened consumption growth.Yet there are signs that the dollar's rise may be coming to an end as trade tensions with China weigh and pressure to raise rates dissipates, lifting prospects for oil prices to recover, Reuters quoted John Kemp.For now, dollar strength has helped hold down U.S. inflation even as unemployment has fallen to its lowest level in decades.But it has contributed to a worsening trade deficit and cut the dollar value of overseas earnings of U.S.-based companies.The United States is currently running a mi...

Turkey, Iraq will deepen cooperation in fight against terrorism, Erdogan says

Turkey and Iraq will deepen their cooperation in the fight against terrorism, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday. Erdogan was speaking at a news conference with his Iraqi counterpart Barham Salih. Turkey has said it would take over the fight against Islamic State following the U.S. decision to pull out of Syria. Ankara also carries out regular air strikes on Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) bases in northern Iraq.Source: National News Agency

Algeria Shuts Southern Borders to Syrians Over Security Fears

ALGIERS, Algeria has barred all Syrians from entering the country via its southern border with Mali and Niger to keep out members of defeated rebel groups from Syria deemed to pose a security risk, a senior official said on Wednesday.Hassen Kacimi, the official in charge of migrants policy at the interior ministry, told Reuters that Syrians seeking refuge in Algeria in this way were suspected to be Islamist militants and were not welcome.Algeria went through years of devastating civil war with hardcore jihadist groups in the 1990s. While violence is now greatly diminished, sporadic attacks continue in isolated areas.We have hosted 50,000 Syrians in the past few years for humanitarian reasons, Kacimi said, alluding to refugees from Syria's civil war, but we cannot accept members of armed gr...

Cuban Ambassador: Steadfastness of Syrian and Cuban peoples is triumph for just and humanitarian issues

Damascus, Over decades, the friendly relations between Syria and Cuba and the bilateral cooperation in different domains have been distinguished by mutual respect and joint work for defending just causes of the two countries' peoples.Cuba celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution's victory on January 1st in a time when it continues its steadfastness in the face of the unjust American siege imposed on it, and it continues its support to the struggle of nations and it respects the noninterference in their internal affairs as it has always stood by Syria in its war against internationally-backed terrorism.In an interview with SANA, Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Miguel Porto Parga said that the steadfastness of the Syrian and Cuban peoples in the face of threats, unilateral coerci...

Al-Suhail: Protecting borders from the infiltration of terrorism from Syria is an important priority for the government

Baghdad, Member of the House of Representatives for the Right bloc Hisham al-Suhail stressed that the protection of the western border with Syria from the infiltration of terrorists is an important priority for the government.He told NINA news agency that the sudden US withdrawal from the areas of terrorism in Syria has led to new pressure on the Iraqi government to protect the border further to prevent the infiltration of terrorists, especially the areas liberated from terrorism in particular.Al-Suhail said that the situation in the region is moving towards new challenges and terrorism is trying to take advantage of any gap here or there to spread its poison and criminality, and we must stand firmly against any attempts to return terrorism to our country."He stressed the importance of spe...