Tuesday, May 11

Commissioned by President al-Assad, Syrian Ambassador to Algeria offers condolence over death of Algerian fighter, Lakhdar Bouregaa

Algeria, Commissioned by President Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s Ambassador to Algeria, Dr. Numeir Wahib al-Ghanim offered on Friday condolences over the death of the great Algerian fighter Lakhdar Bouregaa in his house in the Algerian capital.

Al-Ghanim conveyed to family of the deceased, his relatives and friends and the fraternal Algerian people the condolences of President al-Assad over the death of a dear friend to Syrian people and their support to resistance  and rightful stances, a friend who hasn’t been discouraged by days or challenges from saying the word of truth in the darkest circumstances as he lived and devoted his live to struggle for independence of his country, Algeria.

The Syrian Ambassador affirmed that Syria will always remember fighter Bouregaa and appreciate his supportive stances to Arab cases and stood beside Syria in confronting of what has been exposed to terrorist war backed by dark forces and imperialist countries well-known of their hostility to the independence of states and freedom of peoples.

The deceased family expressed its appreciation to this Noble gesture from president al-Assad that express about true feelings toward al- Mujahid Bouregaa who loved the Syrian leadership and people.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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