Thursday, February 25

Confirmed Infections’ Curve Keeps Growing at 330%, Critical Cases Stood at 41%, in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, The Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali reasserted the significance of abiding by the precautionary procedures and preventive measures, indicating that the curve of confirmed cases of the COVID-19 infections is keeping shooting up, at 330 per cent, while the critical cases increased 41 per cent, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
He also called, during a jointly held press conference here today, with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing Dr. Ahmed Qattan, for cooperation with the pertinent authorities and report offenders of the precautionary and preventive measures, such as putting on the masks, checking the temperature at the entrances and committing to the social distancing.
The number of those inoculated stood at 443,805, he added, pointing to detecting further 353 new cases of Coronavirus, raising the confirmed cases tally, in the Kingdom, to 370,987 cases, including 2,515 active cases still undergoing medical treatment.
However they are mainly showing reassuring healthy conditions against 427 critical cases and 362,062 recovery cases, as new 249 recoveries have been reported, he stated.
On the other hand, the toll of death rose to 6,410, as 4 deaths have been reported, according to him.
While medical and health-related services are gearing up at all centers and facilities, across the Kingdom as many as 7,045,821 swabs have been administered, serving about 1,923,037 persons.
In addition to making at avail around 27,337,007 medical consultations through 937 centers, the total number of tests administered, in the all regions of the Kingdom, as 12,746,202 precisely lab examinations have taken place, he concluded.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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