Tuesday, April 13

Djibouti Strongly Condemns Terrorist Drone Attack on Riyadh Oil Refinery

Riyadh, The Republic of Djibouti strongly condemned the terrorist attack on the Riyadh oil refinery by drones.
According to Ambassador of Djibouti in Riyadh, who is also Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dya-Eddine Said Bamakhrama, Djibouti stressed that the terrorist and subversive acts that have been repeatedly committed against civilian objects and vital facilities, including an attempt to target a refinery, in Ras Tanura and the Saudi Aramco residential quarter, do not only target the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its economy, but they also target the security and stability of the energy supplies in the world.
Djibouti reaffirmed the necessity to synergize the international efforts to put an end to these subversive acts that target not only the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its economy, but the entire world economy.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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