Tuesday, June 22

Dozens of traders and citizens demonstrate in front of the headquarters of the Customs Authority in violation of the new customs tariff

BAGHDAD, Dozens of traders and citizens demonstrated on Sunday in front of the headquarters of the General Customs Authority because of the new customs tariff.

The citizens and merchants demanded in banners and slogans to cancel the new tariff that will affect them because of the high rate of imposing duties on some imported goods.

The General Authority of Customs began on the fifth of the current month to implement the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 224 of 2018, which imposed additional customs duties on some imported products based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals / Department of Industrial Development and Organization to protect the Iraqi product and encourage the private sector.

The fees included imposing an additional customs duty of 20% on the product (men's suit), imposing an additional customs duty of 30% on the producers (white underwear and clear liquid for pots and dishes) and 50% on the product (chicken, chicken pieces and all chicken products) ), 26% for the product (box stations), 100% for the products (cream, Newcastle vaccine, PPR vaccine), 27% for the THERMESTONE and LANSOPRAZOL 15MG TABLET producers, and 200% for the product of the primary and secondary school textbooks, and imposing an additional customs tariff of 85% on the potato chips product.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency