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Ein Qiniye village in occupied Syrian Golan remains like lofty oak adhering to land and identity


Occupied Golan, Ein Qiniye is considered as one of the resistant villages in Occupied Syrian Golan which remained lofty with its ancient oaks where its citizens confront Israeli occupation, refusing any compromise to abandon their land or yield to the occupation.

Ein Qiniye village is affiliated to Masada district in Quneitra province.

According to History and Heritage Researcher, Khaled Fayyad said that  the village is located on a calcic hill on the southwestern slope of al-Sheikh mountain, north of Wadi Sa’ar.

He added that the village overlooked from the north on Nimrod Castle and there is in its northwestern Tall al Quba‘ that is covered with oak and hawthorn trees, 6 km to  west of Masada town which rises 700 m above sea level.

Fayyad said in statement to SANA that reason of naming Ein Qiniye village is for being rich with water springs in it such as Nabaa el Hammam,al-Sallala and Wadi al-Shater .

He noted the number of its population is estimated at 2,300 people, some of whom were displaced because of settlement schemes.

People of Ein Qiniye work in cultivation of citrus, apples, olives, vine, figs and pomegranates trees, as well as wheat, barley and early vegetables, in addition to breeding sheep and cows, and some simple industries such as grinding grains ,pressing olives and making molasses.

The researcher added that in the village, archeological landmarks are distributed that witnessed the passage of several civilizations some of which date back to Roman era in addition to ancient Byzantine tower in the middle of village and ruined stone houses date back to Islamic era as well as church and a religious shrine called Maqam Al-Hazouri.

Ein Qiniye village had  resisted Ottoman and French occupations in several battles and then the Zionist occupation before 1967 as several battles were carried on  in the vicinity of the village throughout history.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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