Friday, January 15

Elements of the /PKK/ has been arrested, including an Iranian in northern Turkey

BAGHDAD, Turkish security forces arrested a number of elements of the Kurdistan Workers' Party /PKK/, including an Iranian north of the country.

"The arrest took place during clashes with security forces in Corton district, Komush district, during security sweeps," Governor of Wali Komush, Okai Mamish said.

"One of the terrorists is the wanted man named Pars Oner, and he is called (Tariq al-Turki), a leader of the Labor Party whose name is on the red list on the wanted list."

He explained that "the other terrorist of Iranian nationality and his name is the motorist (Surig), pointing out that the security operations continue to be supported by air cover."

It is noteworthy that the list of wanted terrorists in Turkey includes (5) lists are red, blue, green, orange and gray.

The lists include the names of persons wanted by the authorities for belonging to leftist and separatist terrorist organizations, others exploiting religion, and Gulen.

The list includes five senior leaders of terrorist organizations, and the Turkish authorities provide a financial reward of 4 million liras (about 156 thousand dollars) to those who provide information that helps in arresting them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency