Saturday, July 31

“Entertainment Gate”… Digital Gate to Maximize Entertainment Investment Map in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, The digital transformation system is considered among the comprehensive and pivotal strategic routes that the General Entertainment Authority worked on in a sustainable way to enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the entertainment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, boost its presence as an entertainment and investment destination for regional and international markets and realize the aspirations of executive programs relevant with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, such as improving the quality of life through transforming into a happier society and developing a more prosperous national economy.

The Entertainment Gate represents an icon for digital transformation in the entertainment sector and one of the national digital projects that proved its efficiency, where the General Entertainment Authority developed its digital infrastructure to improve the quality of entertainment services dedicated for investors in the entertainment sector through facilitating procedures for licensing entertainment activities in a way that stimulates the development of the entertainment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and maximizes the structure of the entertainment investments.

The Authority established the Entertainment Gate to act as a digital platform that facilitates procedures for investors and companies working in the sector to apply for licenses, permits and accreditation certificates for specialized activities and services, enhance the Authority’s role in organizing and developing the entertainment sector, support its infrastructure and connect the gate with various relevant government institutions.

The Gate provides four main services: first, “licensing entertainment facilities”, which entails services related to owners of entertainment facilities, including entertainment parks or centers, or entertainment event facilities. Second is the “entertainment activities permits”, which is dedicated for facilities of organizing entertainment events. Third, the “Entertainment Gate” that includes the specialized services of service providers, while the fourth service is permits for live shows at restaurants and coffee shops, which is related to live entertainment shows that aim at entertainment activities held at restaurants and coffee shops.

The number of licenses that were issued by the Entertainment Gate since its launch for investors, business entrepreneurs and companies reached 1,082 licenses. Meanwhile, the General Entertainment Authority revealed that the digital gate has implemented 23,238 procedures, while the number of applications it received totaled 10,541. The Authority also offers several post-licensing assistance services to investors, business entrepreneurs and companies, such as customs permits, approving work visit visas, approving recruitment visas and complaints, inquiries and suggestions.

Source: Saudi Press Agency