Sunday, February 28

Explosives, rockets and a pile of ammunition found during inspections of Kirkuk areas and villages

Baghdad, The Center of the Security Information Center announced the discovery of improvised explosive devices, missiles and a pile of ammunition during the inspections of the areas and villages of Kirkuk province.

The Spokesman of the Center, Brigadier Yahya Rasool said in a statement that "the federal police forces within the operations of Kirkuk carried out a search operation of the areas and villages of (Khabata _ Shawi _ Hamza _ Tal Helala _ Aldrabas _ Yahiya _ Alrashad _ Mariam Beck - Hammad Roumi , and areas around them and found 3 missiles type Hell, 2 bombs , in addition to a pile of ammunition containing , 35 mortar shells 60mm, another 14 mortar shells 82mm, 35 lightning and 47 driving charges. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency