Tuesday, April 13

Father Zahlawi : Everyone in Syria should share in rebuilding the country

Damascus, On the threshold of 10 years of the terrorist war on Syria, the least that is to say about it is that it is unjust and devastating that affected the Syrians in all their spectrums, nevertheless they withstood and challenged the universe with determination and courage in confronting the death and blockade imposed by US, western and regional countries.

On this occasion, Father Elias Zahlawi addressed a message to Syrian people inside and outside the homeland and to the whole world, in which he said “After a few days, the episode of the ten-year war on Syria concludes, this unjust global war continues with rare brutality, particularly after the total siege was imposed on Syria.”

He pointed out to the support offered by friendly countries like Russia and China, saying “here we salute Syria’s exceptional leadership, its patriotic army and its patient people.”

Father Zahlawi hoped he would continue serving the country because “this country is the mother of the world.”


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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