FM: We Signed Two MoU With Pakistani On Diplomatic And Cultural Sides

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein announced that he had signed a memorandum of understanding with his Pakistani counterpart on the exemption from entry visas for diplomats, and another between the Minister of Culture and the Pakistani minister in the aspect of cultural cooperation.

He said in a press conference with his Pakistani counterpart Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: “In our discussions, we touched on the situation in the region and the situation in Afghanistan and its impact on Iran and Pakistan and how to work together to besiege any kind of security issues and joint work to reach understandings on these issues.”

He added, “We look forward to strong future relations with Pakistan, and we look forward to other visits to Iraq.”

Hussein affirmed: “The relations with Pakistan are strong and are not limited to the political side only.”

He added: “We discussed cooperation in the military field, and we will start with political consultations, and we look forward to strong future relations with Pakistan.”

He added: “It was decided to form a committee to solve the problem of Pakistani debts to Iraq.”

For his part, Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that his visit to Iraq aims to boost bilateral relations.

Zardari added: “Cooperation in the field of the private sector is our goal in Iraq, which faced terrorism at a time when terrorism and extremism were solid, and defeated it with the support of all countries in the region, and they contributed to maintaining security and peace.”

He added, “We will open a center for Pakistani visitors in Karbala, and we are keen to develop the private sector in Iraq and joint cooperation.”

He continued, “We hope to provide the opportunity for Pakistanis to visit the holy places in Iraq.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency