Tuesday, August 3

Foreign Ministry: Syria condemns criminal practices of Turkish regime, cutting water off Hasaka

Damascus, Syria condemns the criminal practices of the Turkish occupation forces and Erdogan’s regime continuation of adapting immoral policy in the war of water through cutting water off Alouk station for the 25th time… this station which forms the main source of drinking water for more than one million citizens in Hasaka, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The statement added that turning a blind eye to the appeals of the international community by the Turkish government and ignoring the suffering of residents in Hasaka who face thirst in light of the high increasing temperatures is a criminal act which rises to the level of crime against humanity and a war crime that violate all international conventions.

It went on to say that Syria calls on Security Council and UN General Secretariat to immediately intervene and oblige the Turkish regime to respect the simplest rules of the international law in this regard and re-operate Alouk station, as well as re-pumping the agreed upon quantity of the Euphrates water along borders which is 500 cubic meter per minute.

Source: Syria Arab News Agency