Wednesday, January 27

Foreign Ministry: UN Rapporteur demand to remove measures on Syria should be starting point to hold US responsible for crimes against Syrians

Damascus, Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed that the US statement with its context of lies, that came in response to the demand of UN special rapporteur, Alina Douhan, to remove unilateral measures on Syria reveal the US persistence to the policy of dominance and arrogance.

” It is not surprising what the statement, posted on the page of the US empty Embassy in Damascus, has included of lies in response to the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Alenea Douhan’s appeal to the US to lift the sanctions on Syria and consider them as the reason behind the hard conditions to which the Syrians are exposed,” A source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Saturday.

The source added that this act confirms the United States ’persistence to the policy of hegemony, arrogance and the unipolarity.

It stressed that the lies and misleading information included in the US statement would no longer deceive anyone, and the feature of hypocrisy and lying have become the feature of  the US administration and its Western allies.

The source went on to say that “It is time for the US Administration to assume full responsibility for the suffering of Syrians through its support for terrorism and the unilateral coercive measures which violate international laws and deprive Syrians from having livelihood factors of decent life.”

It concluded by saying that the outcomes of the US policies mount to crimes against humanity, adding that the demand of the United Nations Special Rapporteur should be the beginning for holding the US administration accountable for its crimes against the Syrians.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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