Friday, June 25

French Is Ready To Rebuild Mosul airport And Turn It Into International Airport

BAGHDAD, France has confirmed its readiness to rebuild Mosul's civilian airport and turn it into an international airport by a $ 216 million loan.

"The Secretary-General of the Council, Mehdi Al-Alaq discussed with the French companies group (ADPI) the offer to invest the Nineveh airport and the need to turn the airport into an international airport," a statement from the Council said.

"The French ambassador to Iraq expressed during the meeting his government's willingness to secure the amount with sufficient financial loan," the statement added.

The statement said that "Alaq asked the French companies to send the offer officially, for study within a short period, in order to allow the opportunity to accelerate the reconstruction of the airport."

During the period of Daesh control on the city of Mosul in June 2014, the organization blew up the runway and control towers of the airport, as well as the reception and departure halls, administration and security buildings.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency