Friday, June 18

GASTAT: The total number of pilgrims in 1439H Hajj season reached (2.371.675) pilgrims 2 Arafat, outskirts of Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Regarding the pilgrims who came from inside Saudi Arabia whose numbers reached (612.953) pilgrims this year, the total number of pilgrims arriving from the cities and governorates

of Saudi Arabia reached (239.962), (372.991) of whom are from the city of Makkah including the temporary residents during the hajj season, (401.217) are Non-Saudi pilgrims, and (211.736) are Saudi pilgrims.

GASTAT has enumerated the pilgrims arriving to Makkah from inside Saudi Arabia (Saudis and Non-Saudis) through the hajj statistics centers located in the entrances of Makkah. In addition,

the percentage of pilgrims arriving to Makkah from inside Saudi Arabia through Jeddah/Makkah road reached (38.2) %, (29.4) % arrived through AL-Shrae'a/Makkah road, and (17.8) % arrived through Makkah/Medina road. Moreover, (14.6) % arrived through the other three roads which are the South/Makkah road, Taif/Makkah road, and the old Jeddah/Makkah road.

GASTAT illustrated in its results of hajj statistics of this year that the seventh, eighth and ninth days of Dhu AL-Hijjah have witnessed an arrival reached (86.8) % out of the total number of pilgrims who came from inside Saudi Arabia. On the other hand, the number of vehicles carrying pilgrims from inside Saudi Arabia reached (32,289) vehicles.

As for the number of the labor force of entities that provided their services to pilgrims from all sectors, the numbers of governmental entities' labor force reached more than 287.300

persons representing some governmental and private entities which participated in providing more than 215 main services and sub-services. Supervision and follow-up services were provided by 7310 male and female supervisors from 6 entities. However, public services were provided by 192,254 employees from 19 different entities, whereas health services were provided by 32,579 employees from 3 entities. Furthermore, the number of the labor force in transportation and post services, as well as logistic services (shipping, post and supply) that Saudi Arabia provides to pilgrims reached 47,765 employees working in seven entities, while ICT services were provided by 7,411 employees from 4 different entities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency