Sunday, August 1

Grospic: US aggression on Syrian-Iraqi borders flagrant violation of international laws

Prague, Vice-Chairman of the Czech Moravian Communist Party, Dr. Stanislav Grospic has condemned the US aggression on the Syrian-Iraqi borders, stressing that this shameful aggression constitutes a flagrant violation of the sovereignty and independence of Syria and Iraq and the international laws.

Grospic said in a statement to SANA reporter in Prague today that “this aggression which targeted two countries that contribute to the fight against terrorism was launched by the American forces that protect terrorists and cause tension in the region,” stressing the need for these forces to leave Syrian territory because their presence there is illegal and inconsistent with International Law.

Grospic indicated that the illegal US military presence in Syria aims to serve the interests of the Israeli entity and provides support to separatist militias, and represents a pillar on which terrorists in the region rely, considering that “US imperialism represents a cancer that kills humanity and causes tragedies and the suffering of all of its peoples.”

Source: Syria Arab News Agency