Tuesday, June 22

Habshi: Dissociation policy best option with Syria

Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary bloc MP, Antoine Habshi, said on Friday that Lebanon's best option for the time being was to cleave to its self-dissociation policy with Syria.

Interviewed by the Voice of Lebanon radio station, the lawmaker responded with a "definitely not" to a question on whether relations with Syria fell in Lebanon's interest at the current juncture.

"There are conflicting sides in Syria and Lebanon should not take sides with any against the other," he explained. He also deemed the situation in Syria as still bogged down in conflict, opting anew to Lebanon's self-distancing policy.

"When the Syrian authority becomes one that is approved of by its people, then we can discuss the nature of our relationship with Syria," Habshi maintained.

However, he stressed that only a government that receives full confidence was entitled to normalize relations with Syria, highlighting the need to swiftly form a new cabinet before discussing other matters.

Source: National News Agency