Tuesday, June 22

Hardan, ElKhalil call for speedingup government formation

MP Asaad Hardan stressed Sunday the need to hasten the new cabinet formation for national and developmental interests, urging all political forces to "unite and interact together so that we can all build a state and a country."

Hardan's words came as he visited the residence of MP Anwar El-Khalil in Zaghla-Hasbaya earlier today.

"We have to deal with all issues away from narrow sectarianism. We are not tribes but equal citizens in a country that we seek to be strong, so we are interested in speeding-up the formation of the government to be able to shoulder its responsibilities," Hardan asserted.

On the Syrian refugees issue, Hardan said, "We need to encourage the return of the displaced to their homes with dignity...We do not want them to be invested in politics, for they must be invested in humanity...This must be our initiative, and the international community must follow us."

In turn, MP El-Khalil stressed on national unity in the face of all obstacles threatening the country.

"There is a fundamental danger to the economy as a whole, which will inevitably affect the monetary issue, but at the moment there is no serious threat to the monetary issue and the situation of the Central Bank of Lebanon is very strong and capable...However, the budget must be approved quickly and solutions must be reached to accelerate the new government formation," El-Khalil underscored.

"It should not take any longer to form a cabinet, for Lebanon is a country of tourism, environment, civilization and refinement," he emphasized.

Source: National News Agency