Saturday, November 27


Ministers of Industry and Agriculture, Imad Hoballah and Abbas Mortada, stressed the importance of supporting the productive sectors in the Bekaa, especially those related to the food industries, and the need to combat smuggling and close illegal crossings.

The Ministers’ words came during a meeting held at the Gardenia Grain D’or Complex in Zahle, at the invitation of the Head of the Industrialists’ Gathering in the Bekaa region, Nicolas Abu Faisal, in the presence of MP George Aqais, Anwar Jumaa, Eddy Demerjian and former Minister Elie Marouni.

Taking the word, Minister Mortada pointed out that “the government is determined to transform Lebanon’s economy from a rentier to a productive one.”

Mortada dicslosed that “the Ministry of Agriculture is currently surveying lands in Lebanon, and will present a draft law to impose a tax of 1,000 Lebanese pounds on each non-agricultural dunum in Lebanon in order to encourage agriculture and all people.”

Commenting on approving a draft law that legalizes cannabis plantation, Mortada said: “It has become an effective law and we are awaiting the formation of a regulatory body for this sector,” adding that the economic feasibility of said sector is easy and simple.

In turn, the Minister of Industry indicated his support for the people of the Bekaa in the name of the government, and said: “You are the heart of Lebanon and we will not accept the marginalization of the Bekaa.”

Hoballah added that “the countries that emerged from their crises relied on agriculture and industry for growth, prosperity, and integration between agriculture and industry, which are two basic pillars to secure food and industrial security.”

“We, as a government, are determined to implement the economic and financial recovery plan, one that partially translates our aspirations to give Lebanese industries their interest right, which is also secured through Arab open markets starting from Syria, Jordan and Iraq, to Gulf countries,” the Minister went on.

Hoballah concluded: “We pledged to the industrialists that the headline of our battle will be to protect the industry, in order to restore the robbed position of this vital sector.”

Source: National News Agency

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