Thursday, May 13

HRH Crown Prince Project to Develop Historical Mosques Brings 267 Years Old Hail-based Al-Jal’oud Mosque to Life

Hail, HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's project to develop historical mosques across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia brought to life a 267 years old Al-Jal'oud Mosque in Hail.

The mosque is exactly located in Samiraa governorate and was built in 1175 AH, as it is included in the HRH Crown Prince project that covers as many as 30 mosques, in different 10 regions, across the Kingdom.

The most significant point, is that the mosque is the oldest among all mosques, in the adjacent areas, as it was built on a main road for pilgrimage making it a principal station for the pilgrims.

Following HRH Crown Prince restoration project, the mosque had become ready for observing prayers, in 1440 AH.

Source: Saudi Press Agency