Wednesday, January 20

Human rights symposium held in London on human rights violations in Iran

London, A group of jurists and human rights experts has confirmed that Arabs in Iran are subjected to a systematic repression and wasting of their human, political and cultural rights, stressing the extent of the great injustice, oppression, arrests and torture campaigns, sham trials and the killing of Arabs in the province of Ahwaz. The group added that the Iranian regime keeps on displacing Arabs, changing the demographic structure, the restriction of the Arabic language, the transfer of water and the exploitation of all wealth that lies in Ahwaz for the the successive Iranian regimes without the development of Ahwaz for the benefit of Ahwazi people.

The symposium was held in London under the auspices of the International Commission of Diplomatic Relation Human Rights and Peace with the participation of "Tamadon" Foundation, the Arab Cultural Forum in Britain and the Commission.

Source: Saudi Press Agency