Friday, August 19

Ibrahim on inspection tour to Metn new General Security Center: This post constitutes model of complementarity between civil society, state

General Security chief, Abbas Ibrahim, on Thursday held an inspection tour amongst the various sections of the new Metn Regional General Security Center in Jdeideh.

Jdeideh Municipality head, Antoine Gebara, municipal and mayoral dignitaries as well as General Security officers were present.

Speaking in the wake of the inspection tour, Major General Ibrahim deemed the center as an exemplary model of complementarity between civil society and the state.

Maj. Gen. Ibrahim had firsthand look at the facilities provided by the Center to citizens.

"This Center is part of a strategic plan devised ed by the General Directorate of General Security to improve the performance of the administration in the Directorate," Ibrahim corroborated.

Ibrahim vowed that the Center is built for the service of the Lebanese.

On the displaced Syrians' issue, Ibrahim said that the General Security established centers special for the Syrians in Lebanon in order to facilitate their transactions and regulate their administrative and security conditions in the country and thus to legalize their presence in the country.

"We are planning to set up ten additional centers exclusive for the Syrians throughout the Lebanese territories so as to ease pressure on already existing General security centers," Ibrahim said.

The Major General emphasized that legalizing the presence of the displaced Syrians' in Lebanon does not mean that their stay will be prolonged.

Source: National News Agency