Monday, March 8

Iraqi And Iranian Hajj Missions Emphasize Necessity Of Exploiting Hajj To Unify Islamic Nation And Renounce Discrimination

BAGHDAD, The head of the Iraqi Hajj Mission Khaled Al-Attiyah and the representative of the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Qazi Askar stressed the necessity of using the Hajj season to unite the Islamic nation and renounce discrimination.

"The Islamic nation needs more cohesion than before, unite against its enemies and strengthen brotherly ties and love for its own sake, because it more than ever needs the union," Sheikh Al-Attiyah said during a meeting with the Iranian delegation.

He added, "There are many commons gather us with Iranian people with history and others ties. The opportunity of Hajj is important to exchange experiences and expertise in organizing Hajj affairs, since Iran has a long history in this field.

For his part, Askar stressed, "the necessity of spreading morale in the Islamic soul and ending all disputes between the Muslims."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency