Saturday, February 27

Japanese participants in “Hajj Hackathon” competition draw participants’ attention by wearing Saudi dress

Jeddah, The Japanese team participating in "Hajj Hackathon" contest, organized by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones, which concludes at Al-Harthy exhibition in Jeddah later today, drew the attention of participants and viewers since its launch two days ago as they ascended the stage wearing Saudi national costume.

Interviewed by reporters, the Japanese performers expressed "respect for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its people", pointing out that their wearing of the Saudi dress, including the thobe, and headcovers stems from their love to the Saudis and appreciation of Saudi Arabia's leading role in promoting the culture of "get talented" among male and female young people.

The Japanese team expressed satisfaction with the spirit of great competition between the participating teams, and confirmed that they will be on the podium by wearing Saudi dress gearing to the first place worth one million Saudi Riyals.

It is noteworthy that as many as 30 Japanese are participating in the event.

Source: Saudi Press Agency