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Jollychic Announces the Launch of 2018 “Black Friday” with Global Suppliers

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Jollychic, the top-ranked mobile E-commerce platform in the Middle East, is gearing up its biggest ever “Black Friday” shopping season with its global suppliers.

In its 2018 Black Friday Supplier Collaboration Conference which was held recently, more than 600 suppliers from East Asian countries participated to get detailed information and offer better support.

“Black Friday is the largest shopping season every year. We usually start preparations two to three months in advance to ensure the fulfillment of customer orders even at the busiest time,” said Hakam Baker, Logistic Business Development Manager of Jollychic.

As a multi-category online shopping destination, Jollychic works to be the client’s first choice for a convenient one-stop shopping solution. In the past five years, the sales volume has maintained an annual growth rate of over 300%.

According to a report by BMI Research, The Middle East e-commerce market will grow by 16.4% over the next three and a half years, with a projected value of $48.6 billion in 2022. The Middle East has become the fastest growing area in global e-commerce business based on the high penetration rate of internet and smartphones.

This momentum encourages business to invest more, said Hakam. Jollychic is cooperating with hundreds of global suppliers including famous brands, such as Apple, Huawei, Adidas, Pampers, Coty Group, etc., to bring a first-class shopping festival.

Additionally, Jollychic launched a series of solutions for user experience. A new intelligent warehouse was built especially for Black Friday, working together with other five warehouses worldwide. “We have cooperated with several airlines and distribution centers and increased manpower in logistic and call centers to guarantee commodity transportation,” said Hakam. Benefiting from technical advantages, Jollychic also works to stock appropriately to ensure that customers get their orders quickly.

Aaron Li, Jollychic founder, said, “Jollychic is not just selling goods, but bringing quality products and service to customers. Black Friday is not just a promotion day, but also a big shopping holiday for everyone. You can enjoy as you wish and if there is any dissatisfaction, you can return to us with our favorable policy. This is a commitment of Jollychic and all suppliers.”

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