Wednesday, April 14

Journalist who exposed support provided by Turkish regime to terrorists in Syria sentenced to more than 18 years

Ankara, A court affiliated to the Turkish regime on Wednesday sentenced journalist Can Dundar, former editor-in-chief of Turkish newspaper “Cumhuriyet”, who exposed the support provided by this regime to terrorists in Syria, to 18 years and nine months in Jail.

Dundar has exposed the what happened when the Turkish security forces in the year 2014 intercepted trucks linked to the Turkish intelligence agency while they were in their way to Syria and they found out that they transport weapons and military vehicles to the terrorist groups, and at that time Erdogan and his ministers claimed that these trucks were carrying humanitarian aid.

The issue sparked widespread reactions which pushed Erdogan’s regime later to arrest whoever has a relation to the issue including a number of prosecutors, gendarmerie commanders and security forces officials in Adana, Kilis and Hatay, and 27 of them were sentenced to long years in prison on charges of espionage and treason.

Turkey, under Erdogan’s regime, is the first in the world to imprison journalists, as this regime sues all free pens that criticize its performance and expose its corruption.


Source: Syrian Arab News Agency

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