Wednesday, June 23

Kabalan calls for swift government formation

Supreme Islamic Shiite Council Deputy Head, Sheikh Abdul-Amir Kabalan, reiterated the need for a swift government formation especially with the pressing socio-economic situation in the country.

"Speeding-up the formation of the government is a national necessity to preserve and improve Lebanon's economy and achieve political, security and social stability," Kabalan said on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

Kabalan urged politicians to form a national unity government, away from foreign interferences for the sake of the Lebanese people.

"We demand politicians to overcome obstacles that put Lebanon's economy and security at risk and threaten our stability," he added.

In this context, Kabalan called upon the political class to rise above their personal and narrow interests for the " country's sake and to maintain the tripartite equation of "people, army and resistance.

Commenting on the Lebanese-Syrian relations, Sheikh Kabalan called on all responsible officials to reactivate the Lebanese role in the "reconstruction of Syria" and facilitate the exportation of "Lebanese products" via the Syrian crossing.

"We call for the consolidation of the Lebanese-Syrian relations and the activation of the joint cooperation agreements that both countries would benefit from," he stressed.

Finally, Kabalan emphasized the importance of the return of Syrian Refugees to their country and hoped that peace and tranquility would prevail in all regions.

Source: National News Agency