Friday, June 18

Khazali: Basra Is Dying With The Knife Of Govt Failure And No Solutions In The Horizon

BAGHDAD, MP Faleh al-Khazali said Basra is dying with the knife of government failure and no solutions seen in the horizon and government decisions more political than realistic.

Khazali said in a press statement that more than 3 million people in Basra without water and hospitals are full of patients because of poor water and lack of health services.

He added that any government, whatever it is, we will not give it our confidence if its program does not include solutions and a time limit for all demands, especially for the people of Basra, calling on the MPs of Basra and oil-producing provinces to be their decision free and not in the hands of their parties and their leaders.

He continued: "The next government if it is not a service government with a realistic program can be applied with a time ceiling, it will fall by the people less than a year.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency