Saturday, July 31

King Abdulaziz Foundation Issues Glossary of Geographical Locations, in the Red Sea

Riyadh, King Abdulaziz Foundation has issued a book entitled: "Glossary of Geographical Locations, in the Red Sea", comprising as many as 2700 sites, on the Red Sea littoral countries and their territories.

It included coral reefs, sand dunes, plains, coasts, archipelagos, seabed heads, groves and otherwise, among the nine countries which are giving to the Red Sea, including Saudi Arabia, which were alphabetically arranged.

Annotated names were supported by identifying their locations on the map, astronomical coordinates and illustrations of the monuments in the same place.

Third volume of the book was devoted to each entry. The book included an Arabic and English catalog of the places and countries to facilitate research.

The book presents a historical account of the origins of the Red Sea, which dates back to 180 million years ago.

Its introduction talks about the formative stages of this 2037-km-long water surface, the longest of which is in Jazan. It also mentioned various depths of the Red Sea, the coral reefs and documented the earthquakes and tremors that hit the region, the oldest was the Year 640 AD.

The Gulf of Aden history, components and biological features were also, tackled, in the book.

Source: Saudi Press Agency