Saturday, June 12

Kuwait strongly Condemns Houthi Militia Continuation of Targeting Civil Areas in Saudi Arabia

Kuwait, The State of Kuwait has strongly denounced Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia's continuation of targeting civilians as well as civil zones, inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the latest one was by a drone that targeted Khamis Mushayt city, in addition to the militia's using of booby-trapped launches, to threaten maritime navigation, world trade and the international energy supplies.

Continuation of such terrorist attacks and insistence to escalate their tempos, according to the Kuwaiti ministry of foreign affairs' statement announced here today, poses threat to the Kingdom's security, the regional stability, defiance to the international community as well as demising efforts exerted to put an end to the raging conflict in Yemen, in addition to violating the international humanitarian law, a matter that underscores its risk and the dire need for a fast and decisive international move to deter it.

Kuwait reiterated fully taking the side of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and supporting all measures it takes to maintain its security, stability and sovereignty.

Source: Saudi Press Agency