Tuesday, August 3

Manga Productions launches “The Journey” in Tokyo”

Riyadh, Manga Production Company, affiliated with MiSK Foundation, in cooperation with the Japanese company "Toei Animation", launched the premiere of the first Saudi-Japanese anime movie 'The Journey in Tokyo', the capital of the world's strongest anime productions at the prestigious "Asahi" hall, in the presence of dignitaries from the Japanese parliament and heads of Japanese companies and media representatives, in addition to Japanese dubbing artists with voice actors such as Toru Furiya, Hiroshi Kamiya and Takaya Kuroda, film director Kobun Shizuno and executive producer Shinji Shimizu.

The company had recently launched its first film shows in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dubai, and it is now shown in a number of cinemas in nine Arab countries and also available in 4DX technology as the first Saudi film to present this experience to the audience.

The Kingdom’s ambassador to Japan Nayef Al-Fahadi, said that this epic tale that presents our ancient civilization in the Arabian Peninsula is an attraction that supports the journey of rapprochement between the two friendly peoples that extends since 1955, stressing that the Kingdom’s government welcomes all efforts that would strengthen the relationship between the two friendly countries on all levels.

For his part, CEO of Manga Productions Dr. Issam Bukhari, said Saudi Arabia and Japan have built their relationship through trade in oil, and today this relationship is further consolidated and stronger through the close partnership in the field of culture and entertainment, such as the content industry, adding that the film “The Journey” is the first cooperation between Manga productions and the Japanese Toei Animation.

Source: Saudi Press Agency